Eskimo Drums: Qilauts

The Qilaut is a sacred instrument in the Eskimo Culture. It is used in healing ceremonies and to accompany singers and dancers. All of which are sacred traditions.

Are you called to the Qilaut?

The tradition was that if you felt called to the Qilaut you went to your elders and asked for a drum. Your elders would consider your request and in such time that they felt you were ready to receive your drum you would be given your drum. During the time you were waiting to receive your drum you'd study the drum by asking other drum carriers questions, learning how to use it and learning the traditions that go with being a drum carrier.

Now we enter the tradition in many different ways. We don't usually have elders to ask for a drum or to teach us in our communities.

So what do we do in our modern world?

  • You can order one from me and go in search of a teacher.
  • You can ask Angaangaq, an elder and carrier of the Qilaut from Greenland (, to recommend someone near you or if he will teach you.
  • You can go in search of a drum carrier who can teach you and “give” you a drum at such time they consider you ready to be a drum carrier.

It may be an adventure finding someone who will teach you. Accept it as a call from Spirit to embark on your path of learning. It is all part of readying yourself to be worthy of becoming a carrier of the Qilaut. The journey will teach you many different lessons along the way.

Whatever your choice is, please feel free to call me at 802-767-3790 with any questions you might have.

Ordering a Qilaut

I make Qilauts in three different sizes. The size of Qilaut you choose depends on how strong you are and the tone of your voice. The lower your voice is, the more bass the larger models have, and the higher your voice is, the stronger the high notes are on the smaller drums. Traveling with the larger Qilauts is challenging at times, especially on airplanes. It is just another challenge of being a drum carrier.

Qilaut Specifications

26” or 66 cm, about  1 lb 8 oz.,  670 grams*      

24” or 60 cm, about  1 lb 7 oz.,  640 grams*

20” or 50 cm, about  1 lb 4 oz.,  550 grams *

*Weights are approximate only and will vary from batch to batch.

Qilaut Pricing

26” or 66 cm     $630 US   


24” or 60 cm      $615 US


20” or 50 cm     $600 US


Shipping is additional.

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