Specialty Projects

Zither Harps

I build Zither harps as well. Please check out my MacArthur Harp or Zither-Harp page for more details.


I have built sets for the White River Valley Players in Rochester, Vermont since 1991. It has involved creating the ideas of directors and set designers that upon hearing I often wonder how I'm going to manage to bring their vision onto the stage. Then the creative process begins, culminating in such set pieces as a cardboard piano and harp, a window that appears in midair, windows that can be broken at each performance and a variety of sound effects.

Ceremonial Items

My skills as a dulcimer builder and craftsman have melded with my personal investigations of culture and spirituality outside the usual Western traditions. As part of my involvement with Malidoma Somé (fully initiated elder in the Dagara tradition, originally from Dano in Burkina Faso, West Africa), I designed and oversaw the building of the Ancestor House on the land of the East Coast Village in Cherry Plain, NY in 2005.

Ancestor House

Eskimo Drums: QilautsJeremy Seeger

In the past, one asked one’s elders for a drum and waited to be given a drum. Angaangaq, an Eskimo elder from Greenland, waited 10 years before he was given his first drum.

In need of a drum for traveling, he requested that I make a new one for him. I made two, which you can see in the links below.

Making this style drum was another new adventure and an exciting process for me, as it involved steaming a 10-foot long piece of wood to make the rim of the Qilaut. The real challenge and satisfaction came with the critical timing of wrapping the steamed wood onto the large mold before it cooled off.

You can contact Angaangaq at info@icewisdom.com or via his website at: http://en.icewisdom.com/

Photos of the Sacred Fire Ceremony show the new drums. The slide show of the event is posted at: http://www.sven-nieder.de/alben/090803_sacred_fire_ceremony/

The finished frame


We are laying on the coated nylon skin.

Pulling the skin tight.

Tying of the cord that holds the skin on.

Angaangaq chants for me.

The finished drums

Angaangaq honors Jeremy in ceremony for the making of the drums.

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